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Cardiovascular Emergencies – Part Three: Presentations

Continuing on from Part Two, covering Pacemakers, Heart Failure, Acute Pericarditis, Aortic Aneurysm, Hypertensive Crisis.

The Cardiovascular series will cover basic cardiovascular anatomy and physiology. It will address the essential steps in assessing emergencies of the heart and the great vessels. You will also learn about Cardiovascular management covering everything from ECG interpretation, cardiac markers, differential diagnosis of chest pain and cardiogenic shock to dysrhythmias, pacemakers and pharmacological management, including beta-blocker therapy.

  1. Cardiovascular Emergencies - Part One: Fundamentals.
  2. Cardiovascular Emergencies - Part Two: Overview to Presentations.
  3. Cardiovascular Emergencies – Part Three: Presentations.

You should complete the course series chronologically, starting with Part One: Fundamentals.

The key topics covered in Part Three of this series are:

  1. Pacemakers.
  2. Heart Failure.
  3. Acute Pericarditis.
  4. Aortic Aneurysm.
  5. Hypertensive Crisis.

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