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Healthy Ageing – Part One

This course addresses the health of older persons in the context of community, looking at health promotion, discrimination and gaps in health services.

With longevity at an all-time high, the world is ageing rapidly. But are our health services adequately oriented to support the specific needs of an ageing population? This course explains what healthy, successful ageing actually means, addressing the issues that most influence the health and well-being of older persons.

The Healthy Ageing series is presented in two parts.

  1. Healthy Ageing – Part One.
  2. Healthy Ageing - Part Two.

You should complete the course series chronologically, starting with Part One.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  1. Describe the most important influences on health and wellbeing among the ageing population.
  2. Examine the implications of age discrimination in health care.
  3. Identify risks and factors that impact healthy ageing.
  4. Address issues like mental illness, elder abuse, and economic anxieties.
  5. Investigate Support Programs and the promotion of safe environments for ageing.

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