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Healthy Ageing – Part Two

Identifies the issues surrounding Healthy Ageing and investigates the current gap between a holistic preventative approach and the existing health focus on the treatment of disease.

The Healthy Ageing series is presented in two parts.

  1. Healthy Ageing - Part One.
  2. Healthy Ageing – Part Two.

You should complete the course series chronologically, starting with Part One.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  1. Identify critical pathways to healthy ageing.
  2. Explain the implications of understanding older adults’ experiences of life and life transitions.
  3. Understand the major contributions older people make to the health of the community.
  4. Consider the prevailing health focus on disease and acute care.
  5. Identify the most important gaps in nursing research knowledge related to older persons.
  6. Identify health promotion strategies, considering the health literacy needs of older people.
  7. Describe the most important influences on health and wellbeing among the ageing population.

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