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Sexual Assault

Increase your knowledge and understanding about sexual assault issues and enhance your ability to respond appropriately to disclosures of sexual assault and ensure a high-quality level of care.

Attending patients who have been sexually assaulted demands sensitive medical and emotional care from Nurses and emergency personnel. The extent and nature of this care varies across health service districts in accordance with local procedures and resources and may include specialist sexual assault teams.

This short course can also be found as part of the more comprehensive CPD Course Violence, Abuse and Assault.

When you have completed this course you should have increased your knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  1. Recognising and defining sexual assault.
  2. Developing an understanding of the key issues relevant to providing effective support.
  3. The importance of identifying your local procedure to know what to do if someone discloses to you.
  4. Appling useful behavioural techniques when dealing with victims of sexual assault.
  5. Arranging necessary medical treatment and follow-up of sexual assault victims.
  6. The importance of identifying appropriate local interventions and support connections.
  7. The need to familiarise yourself with organisational policies and procedures.

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