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Triage – History and Overview

Triage has come a long way since it was first described in 1797 during the Napoleonic wars.  Originally used with military motives prioritising minor wounds of soldiers so they could return to battle.

Triage is now a fundamental part of critical care facilities with priority given to the most serious of conditions.  This course will give you the background and history of the development of triage.  You might also be surprised to know of the world leading role Australia has had in contributing to the development of emergency triage and patient classification systems.

  1. Understand the history and origin of Triage.
  2. Learn the part Australia and New Zealand had to play in the development of the current triage system.
  3. Be familiar with the process of triage.
  4. List the categories of triage.
  5. Understand the triage assessment, including its application to specific patient groups.
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