Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI)

Urinary tract infections (UTI) are one of the most common healthcare-associated infections (HAI), accounting for up to 40% of all HAIs. Most involve urinary drainage devices, such as bladder catheters.[...]

Voluntary Assisted Dying – what nurses should know

A significant number of Australians now have the right to die if they are terminally ill and meet certain criteria. Victoria is the first state to legalise medically assisted dying of terminally ill people.[...]

Pill testing - why is it so controversial?

Drugs are a growing concern for many parents, especially with music festivals and the tragic deaths of such precious lives. Five people died of suspected overdoses at music festivals in Victoria and New[...]

7 Essential ICU Medications you should know

ICU nurses have to react quickly during a life and death situation. Patients rely on the skills and knowledge intensive care unit nurses exhibit, and doctors rely on their education and experience. Mostly,[...]

Which is more accurate – a digital or aneroid BP device?

The accurate measurement and control of blood pressure (BP) are key elements in the prevention of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Mercury sphygmomanometers—first developed over 100 years[...]

Are you ready to move into critical care?

Pens, scissors, stethoscope and thermometer – check! The nurses version of heads, shoulders, knees and toes. I was ready for my first shift in ICU. Well my first shift in NICU, so the tiniest humans[...]

Why Nurses should wear Compression Socks

Why didn’t anyone tell me about compression socks when I went through my nursing? Sure, we discuss compression for our post-op patients to prevent blood clots or to improve wound healing, but I didn’t[...]

Stem cells- a closer look at Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide in men and women, claiming more than 17 million lives each year. It’s Australia’s largest health problem where one person in every[...]

What bed size does a patient need?

To properly care for a patient of size, caregivers require specialised equipment that can accommodate the dimensions, weight, and specific mobility needs of such patients.Matching the patient with the[...]

Identifying drug seekers is not always simple

Many GPs believe they can easily identify drug seekers, but they will not all fit the expected stereotype. Drug seekers may be known patients or casual attendees to the practice. They may be dependent[...]

What nurses can claim on tax?

Here are some tips for products you can claim on tax. Always seek professional advise as every role can differ. 1. Your work uniform: Find out your employers dress code policy so you can confirm if you[...]

Fun Christmas in July event for under $50!

For those of you who love Christmas, here are some great ideas to celebrate Christmas early in July. Any excuse for a get together with family or friends is a good one. We have some great tips, where everyone[...]

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