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IguanaMed® 5500 Womens Quattro Scrub Pant (S) - Guava

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Fashionable, yet highly functional Quattro flare scrub pant. Features:

  • Iguana Signature Pockets
  • drawstring and elastic waistband
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5500 Womens Quattro Pant

These dream-come-true Quattro flare pants now feature the famous Quattro Ricamo stitching that runs from the front to the side leg.

The perfectly placed angled front pockets have a small inside button to provide extra security to ensure nothing slips away.  They also feature Iguana Signature Pockets - inside pockets within pockets - and a spacious back pocket to provide extra storage.  The flare leg opening (trimmed out on inside) and bottom Quattro Ricamo stitching takes this pant to a whole new level.

For the best match of top see the 5600 QUATTRO TOP

MEDFLEX II - Manufacturing and Textile Marvelment

Medflex II

The textile engineers at IguanaMed have produced an innovative high-performance cotton blend fabric called MEDFLEX II.

Naturally breathable with MedFlex comfort technology, IguanaMed scrubs are designed like performance athletic wear with support and comfort in mind.

Measurements and Sizing Chart

Scrub Size Chart

The IguanaFit helps accentuate body shape and contour (without being tight).

To get the best fit use this Size & Measurement chart to determine the right size for you.

Get ready to look awesome!

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