Nursing Students Maths & Medications Survival Guide (2e)

This quick-reference guide to support students in the calculation of drug dosages is not rivaled by anything else on the market. As a support text, Reid-Searl’s Student's Maths & Medications Survival Guide 2e assists students in the safe administration of medications in clinical settings.

Whether used individually across students’ education and into early practice or as a tool to complement a comprehensive text such as Bullock, Fundamentals of PharmacologyNursing Student’s Maths & Medications Survival Guide 2e supports students to deliver safe and person-centred care in clinical practice.

Additionally, this product

  • Has respected and updated/current content, mapped to the NSQHS and NMBA Registered Nurse Standards

  • Can be used across any level of the Nursing curriculum

  • Is a part of the Survival Guide series, five reliable and accurate quick reference texts from a respected author team

  • Quick means of reference

  • Provide additional support in complex areas

  • A part of a series by a respected author team

  • Pocket-sized

  • Water-resistant, stain-proof paper for easy handling and durability

  • Can be written on

  • Contains standard formulas

  • Revisits some basic mathematical concepts

  • Includes essential information on safe medication administration

  • User-friendly layout and formulas make it easy to locate relevant information and calculate safe dosage

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Product Description


  • Maths revisited
  • Mathematical symbols
  • Order of operations
  • Number fact grids
  • Time
  • Hindu Arabic and Roman numerals
  • Medication safety
  • Factor, decimal and percentage conversions
  • Numbered figures/tables
  • The base system
  • The decimal point
  • Measuring a fluid base chart
  • Revisiting basic algorithms
  • Working with fractions
  • Percentages
  • Rounding
  • The Metric System


  • Intravenous fluid requirements
  • Rule of nines


  • Calculating dosage using a formula


  • Calculating oral medications
  • Calculating parenteral medications


  • Categories of drugs - schedules
  • What must be on a medication chart
  • What is in a medication order
  • What makes a medication order valid
  • What is on a medication label
  • Steps the Registered Nurse must take for telephone orders of prescription drugs
  • Frequency and times of medication administration
  • Commonly used and understood abbreviations
  • Other abbreviations
  • Intravenous fluids - what is on a fluid order
  • Abbreviations for intravenous fluids
  • Intravenous fluids - drip rates for giving
Additional Information
Additional Information
ISBN-13 9781488622755
Author/s Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Lorna Moxham, Jo Reid-Speirs
Edition 2nd
Publisher Pearson
CD Included No

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