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Antibiotics, pathogens & infections (Desktop)


Find facts quickly on 61 antibiotics, 54 pathogens and common infections. Plus information pertaining to antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic resistance, chain of control and much more! Authors of the Little Aussie Drug Book. Great combo.

The is also great information regarding 54 common pathogens such as:
• their structure
• their image (colour coded to Gram stain)
• their transmission & reservoir
• whether they are normal flora
• if they produce a toxin
• most common infection control precautions
• sensitivity & resistance profiles
• their mechanism of antibiotic resistance
• common infections for which they are responsible
• general comments specific to pathogen

The appendices contain lots of great information including:
• Antibiotic stewardship
• Chain of infection & ways to break the chain
• Pathogen resistance mechanisms
• Trade/generic cross reference for antibiotics listed