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Pinard Horn (Foetal Stethoscope)


A pinard horn (or foetal stethoscope) is a trumpet shaped mechanical listening device used specifically for foetal heart sounds.

15cm Aluminium Pinard Horn

Foetal Pinard Cone Shaped for exceptional sound response

No Sharp Edges

A Pinard horn is a type of stethoscope used to listen the heart rate of a foetus during pregnancy from about 18 to 20 weeks gestation.

It is a hollow horn, made of aluminium, about 8 inches (200 mm) long. It functions similarly to an ear trumpet by amplifying sound.

The user holds the wide end of the horn against the pregnant woman’s abdomen, and listens through the other end.



A Pinard horn may be used to determine the position of the foetus.

A Pinard horn is more precise than a Doppler device for this purpose.

A Doppler device detects a heart tone farther away from the location of origin.

A Pinard horn must be pressed to a location very close to the foetal heart in order to detect it, providing a more accurate indication of fetal position.


This type of listening device is highly durable, dependable, budget friendly, portable, and highly effective when used properly.