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3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

The latest version of the Littmann Classic is here, and this update has everything you need in a stethoscope.

You trust Littmann to bring you the very best in stethoscope technology, and the Littmann Classic III delivers with its sleek design and advanced features that outperform previous models.

With the Classic III, you’ll get:

  • All-in-one convenience: the paediatric side easily transitions to an open bell. Just substitute the single-piece diaphragm with a non-chill rim
  • Best-in-class sensitivity so you don’t miss a sound
  • Easily tunable diaphragms on both sides, allowing you to treat adults and children with precision
  • A single-piece diaphragm that is easy to use and effortless to clean, with no unnecessary crevices
  • Tubing designed to last that protects itself against alcohol and oils 
  • An impressive 5-year warranty that covers your entire stethoscope
  • Included accessories: two sizes of soft-sealing ear tips, a non-chill bell sleeve, and detailed instruction manual

Your medical practice relies on quality equipment to treat your patients well, and our commitment to quality is a promise you can stand on. Manufactured in the United States, the Littmann Classic III is full of innovative features that will help you perform at your best, including:

  • 3M’s proprietary tunable technology, giving you the freedom to switch between high and low-frequency sounds as easily as adjusting pressure
  • Soft-sealing ear tips that fit seamlessly and provide a strong seal
  • Latex-free and phthalate plasticiser-free materials protect you, your patients, and the environment
  • Flexible, easily-adjustable headset for the perfect fit


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