If you’re looking for the ultimate nursing bag to carry on the go, look no further. There’s nothing better than having one bag for all your things.

Whether you’re after a rolling bag or a normal backpack, our range will cover everything you need — it’s not just for professional use! 

  • Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag — Perfect for the travelling medical professional on the go. Teeming with multiple pockets and compartments that are designed specifically for medical supplies, you’ll have easy access to all your trusty tools and equipment. It also features two roller wheels and a telescopic pull handle that can be packed into a zip compartment when not in use. It’s also water-resistant and closed with heavy-duty zippers. 
  • Nursing Mates Ultimate Backpack — If you need something more universal, our backpack line is perfect for students, professionals, or anyone constantly moving around. The neat and efficient compartments serve as great tidiers, helping you stay organised on the go. It also has an insulated front pocket to keep items cold as necessary. 
  • Nursing Mates Ultimate Signature Traveller — This TSA-friendly travel bag is an amazing addition to any professional’s arsenal. The retractable pull handles stow away neatly, leaving you with a sleek, stain-resistant, non-skid padded bottom. It also has an interior laptop compartment and multiple storage areas for documents and other professional gear.

eNurse — your go-to for the ultimate nursing bag

At eNurse, we understand just how important it is to have a reliable storage solution for your professional life and your everyday life. For the professional on the go, our range cannot be beaten. While you’re here, make sure to browse through our entire range of nursing bags, accessories, new arrivals and products that have gone on sale. 

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