Syringe Pens

Amid the hustle and bustle of a hospital or clinic, you can hear the clicking of a nurse’s pen. Everywhere you look, it seems a nurse is writing something down, whether it’s a patient’s vital signs, medication schedules or chart updates. Nurse pens are reliable companions of healthcare professionals and must-haves for every nurse’s toolkit.

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Nursing pens for recording patient information and more

Nursing pens are a crucial tool for nurses — they’re almost a component of their uniform! That’s because a huge part of a nurse’s job is to record information, including patients’ vital signs, prescription medications and dosage. Nurses also complete plenty of paperwork, such as patient consent forms, discharge summaries and insurance forms. Nurse pens guarantee that your messages are clear and your documentation is impeccable.

Various nurse pen designs and ink colours

A nurse’s pen can be more than a writing tool. It can also serve as a touch of style or whimsy. If you’re looking for nursing pens that go beyond the ordinary, you’re in luck. We offer an array of pen designs and ink colours to cater to your specific needs. We have novelty syringe pens and highlighters, and character nurse pens that add humour and personality to your uniform!

Stock up on nursing pens with eNurse’s wide array of options

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