Elitecare Stethoscopes

It’s one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have as a nurse, so why go for any less than the highest quality when it comes to choosing a stethoscope?

Our range of Elitecare stethoscopes combines fun colours with a functional design and excellent acoustic isolation for easier use in busy environments. 

Discover the superior features of Elitecare stethoscopes 

From their advanced acoustic performance to an anatomically aligned headset, Elitecare stethoscopes are expertly designed to be comfortable for daily use and yield superior results. A floating diagram and earpieces ensure you’ll always get the best acoustic performance out of your Elitecare stethoscope. Whether you work predominantly in cardiology, respiratory or vascular healthcare, you’ll find that the Elitecare stethoscope offers excellent value for money and reliability, so it’s always there when you need it. 

Choose from 3 earpiece styles; soft, medium (standard fitting) or firm to suit your preference, and an adjustable binaural spring, so you can get a comfortably tight air seal to block out extraneous noise. Nurses will love the dual head function that allows you to make an assessment through the diaphragm side for assessing medium and high-frequency sounds or the cardiac bell for low-frequency sounds. Elitecare stethoscopes are all equipped with tunable diaphragm technology and brushed stainless steel for easy and effective cleaning. 

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