Medical Tape Measures

Discover our line of medical tape measures

If you’re looking for high-grade medical tape measures for your nurse’s bag, look no further than eNurse. Selected to be easy to use and carry throughout your shift, our collection of retractable nurse’s medical measuring tapes come with both inch and centimetre measurements. 

Our medical tape measures serve as a multipurpose tool whether you’re on the ward, in a private clinic setting or even performing at-home visits as a midwife, infant or elderly care nurse. Shop our line of medical measuring tape today and discover the huge range of nursing equipment for all your needs. 

Measuring tape — medical uses for nurses

A medical tape measure is a great piece of kit to have as a nurse, with plenty of uses in a clinical context. With a medical measuring tape, you can: 

  • Take accurate ankle and calf measurements to select the right compression garment size
  • Measure newborns and infants to track growth and development
  • Get general body measurements during checkups 
  • Measure wounds and areas of infection or rashes to track healing
  • Measure pregnant bellies without applying unnecessary pressure
  • Check height measurements on patients of all ages

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It’s no secret that at eNurse, we love nurses. We’re here to provide you with all the expert advice and high-quality, affordable diagnostic equipment you need to succeed in your work. 

From medical measuring tapes to stethoscopes and everything in between; when you need nursing supplies you can rely on, look no further than our online store. Shop our full range of nursing accessories, scrubs and equipment today, or chat with our team for product advice, shipping information and more.