Nurse Watches

Having access to the time is fundamental for any healthcare professional. From taking timed measurements to knowing how your day is tracking, reliable medical watches for nurses are an absolute must-have.

Explore the vast collection of nurse watches at eNurse to find a model and style you’ll love to use and show off. We are proud to stock one of the widest ranges of nurse watches in Australia, so take a look online today to find the perfect nurse’s watch.

Accurate and beautiful nurse watches in Australia

From measuring a patient’s respiration or heart rate to being on time for procedures and consultations, a dependable and precise nurse watch is a piece of necessary equipment. Choose between analog fob watches and digital ones, or simply convert your device to a fob watch with our silicone watch bands. We even stock a sought-after range of Apple silicone fob watch bands, so you can keep using your Apple Watch at work!

Available in a variety of classy and timeless or fun and contemporary styles and colours, including gold and silver metal, patterned silicone, carabiner clips and more, these nursing watches are also an excellent way to let your personality shine through.

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When looking for a nurse watch in Australia, there is no better place to shop than eNurse.

We are proud to offer one of the best and most varied ranges of nurse watches for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a metal nurse watch, a silicone one or simply a way to use your own digital watch at work, you’ll find what you are after at eNurse. Shop for medical watches for nurses online today. For more information, please visit our blog or send us a message!


Why are fob watches better for nurses than wristwatches?

Nurses prefer fob watches over wristwatches for several reasons. They provide accessibility and convenience, as nurses attach fob watches to their uniforms via a clip or a silicone band. Nurses can then take timely measurements without fumbling for their watch. Wristwatches, on the other hand, can get stuck under gloves or long sleeves.

Being attached to one’s uniform instead of one's wrist also minimises the contact between the watch and a patient or a hazardous substance. Nursing watches don’t interfere with tasks and are easy to clean, allowing nurses to maintain a hygienic environment. Our collection of nurse watches includes both analog and digital fob watches in metal and silicone bands. We offer a versatility of options that can cater to a nurse’s personal style and preference!

Can I use my Apple Watch as a nurse watch?

Absolutely! At eNurse, we offer a sought-after range of Apple silicone fob watch bands that allow you to convert your Apple Watch into a functional and stylish nurse watch. Now, you can maintain the convenience of your personal digital watch while benefiting from the practicality of a fob watch during your medical duties.

Are nursing watches waterproof?

It depends on the model. Some nurse watches may be water-resistant and can withstand the occasional exposure to water, such as handwashing. However, they may not be suitable for prolonged immersion. We recommend checking the water resistance of your chosen nurse watch and following care instructions before making a purchase at eNurse.

How do I maintain a nurse’s watch?

To maintain your nurse’s watch, regularly clean it. Wipe the watch with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt or residue. Remove the watch face so you can clean it and the band more thoroughly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or submerging your watch in water, but you can clean the silicone band with mild soap and water. Feel free to add a screen protector to keep your nurse watch scratch-free!