Nursing Equipment

Keep your medical bag well stocked with a great selection of diagnostic equipment in Australia.

Explore the range of fun coloured health diagnostic equipment, perfect for nurses wanting professional gear with a little personality when working in hospitals, private clinics, surgeries and more.  

Health diagnostic equipment for hospital and private care nurses

No matter your area of speciality, whether you work within a public or private hospital or even as an in-home carer, you need a medical kit supplied with diagnostic equipment to quickly diagnose and triage patients in any situation. To make sure you’re fully equipped to do your job properly, eNurse stocks a range of health diagnostic equipment, including:

  • Stethoscopes
  • Pulse oximeters
  • BMI calculator wheels
  • Digital thermometers
  • Traditional and single-hand sphygmomanometers
  • Ear probes
  • Tape measures
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Cuffs for traditional and single-hand sphygmomanometers
  • Medical Wartenberg pinwheels
  • Medical tuning forks
  • And more

All of our diagnostic equipment is sourced from quality medical suppliers, ensuring the highest level of quality. We also stock our health diagnostic equipment in a range of colours, so you can keep your medical bag fun and easily identifiable as yours. 

eNurse — your destination for diagnostic equipment in Australia 

Whether you’re building up a new kit of diagnostic equipment or you need to upgrade some key instruments, you won’t find a better place than eNurse to meet your needs. We specialise in the highest quality health diagnostic equipment you can rely on. Have any questions about our products? Our customer service team is here to help. 

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