Nurses Joey Pouch

Whether you’re a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse assistant, there’s no better time-saver than a nurses’ joey pouch.

A nurses’ joey pouch is perfect for storing all your essential nursing items to devote your time to caring for your patients without needing to go back and forth to the supply room throughout your shift. 

Handy, compartmentalized nurses’ joey pouches 

The nurses’ joey pouch hangs lower than a standard nurses’ pouch, mimicking a kangaroo’s joey pouch, hence its name. Its unique shape provides even more compartment space than a traditional nursing pouch to store your wound dressings, scissors, pens, and other supplies. Made in Australia from quality uniform material, our nurses’ joey pouches are an investment you can count on to last long-term, with a reliable 12-month warranty. They’ll function as a handy extension of your nurse’s uniform, providing additional storage room. Just like your scrubs, you’ll need to wash the pouch daily after each shift for infection control, so grab a couple to always have one ready to go. 

Explore our simple, yet stylish selection of nurses’ joey pouches 

Browse our 9-pocket nurses’ joey pouches Australians adore in smart black or navy colours to complement your scrubs. Being the only nursing pouch on the market endorsed by the RCNA, a nurses’ joey pouch is a practical and professional addition to your nursing accessories

Buy the joey pouches Australian nurses love online today

At eNurse, our number one priority is to help our cherished frontline Australian healthcare workers fulfil all of their patients' needs, and our high-quality nursing pouches can be instrumental to a smoother and simpler shift. With free shipping for orders over $150, the more you shop, the less you’ll spend, so browse our range of new arrivals and sale items in stock today. 

If you have any queries regarding our nurses’ joey pouches or any other nursing products, our helpful and friendly staff are more than happy to assist.

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