Are you in the market for a nursing pouch bag? Then these neoprene pouch bags might be just the right ones for you!

Made from neoprene, a waterproof synthetic rubber that is corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant, these nursing pouches are far superior to others made from different materials. Whether you’re a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse assistant, we’re sure you’ll be impressed by our neoprene pouches' durability and functionality.  

Secure and versatile neoprene pouch bags  

Our neoprene pouch bags are worn around the waist and conveniently store all the essential nursing supplies you need to do your job. Are you tired of making multiple trips to the supply room during your shift? These neoprene pouches are perfect for safely carrying your wound dressings, scissors, pens, and other supplies. Their waterproof and chemical-resistant design will protect you and others from potential leaks or spills when handling liquid medications or cleaning supplies. Their fabric is even tear-resistant, so you can count on your purchase for the long haul. 

Explore our stylish range of neoprene pouch bags 

Browse our range of neoprene pouches in slick, compact designs to effortlessly pair with your scrubs. From a versatile black design to a bright pop of purple, you’ll find a neoprene pouch bag that suits your needs. With double-sided compartment space and up to 7 pockets, a neoprene pouch is an ideal addition to your nursing accessories selection.

Shop for high-quality neoprene pouches in Australia at eNurse

As the leading provider of top-quality neoprene pouches in Australia, eNurse remains committed to empowering our valued frontline workers to provide patients with the best possible care. While you’re at it, browse our other pouchesnew arrivals and sale items. With free shipping for orders over $150 and items packed within 48 hours, you can shop more and save on delivery. 

Our helpful and friendly staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our neoprene pouch bags or other stock, so don’t hesitate to reach out.