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Critical Second Complete Nurse Card Pack +Clip


UPDATED The Complete Nurse Card Pack now contains 15 double sided cards including the VITAL SIGNS CARD!

  • Double Sided
  • Laminated paper – easy to keep clean
  • Clear and colourful
  • Free eNurse® retractable clip worth $4.95


  • Patient Assessment
  • Basic Ward Routine AM/PM
  • Maths Conversions/Rights of Drug Administration
  • IV Drip Rates
  • Adult & Paediatric ALS
  • 12 Lead ECG /Rates & Timing
  • Rhythm Analysis
  • ECG Interpretation
  • Blood Gas Analysis
  • Peg Tube Management/Enteral Drip Rates
  • Emergency Resus/CPR
  • ISBAR/Hand Hygeine
  • Pain Scale/FLACC Pain Assessment
  • Bristol Stool Form Scale
  • Vital Signs