Australian Acronyms & Abbrev.

Do you need help with understanding clinical handovers? This pocket sized reference book ‘A Guide To Australian Healthcare Acronyms And Abbreviations‘ can help decode the acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in clinical handover and patient notes.

A Guide To Australian Healthcare Acronyms and Abbreviations (AHAA) 3rd edition was launched in May 2016 and is available for purchase online. AHAA now has over 1,600 acronyms and abbreviations. There are significantly more maternity, paediatric, anatomy, allied health and medication terminology including common chemotherapy regimens are now included.

AHAA is a reference book that lists acronyms and abbreviations commonly found in Clinical documentation. A brief description of the terms is provided. All departments are represented including pathology, psychiatry, midwifery, pharmacology, physiotherapy, dietetics and all specialty areas. Terms have been sourced from current documentation and approved organisational lists.

This resource may also be of benefit to students of other healthcare professions, the novice/newly graduated, clinicians moving to different areas of health care, agency nurses, and even lawyers who may need to refer to medical records.


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