10 items for today's Nurse!

10 items for today's Nurse!

Date Posted:9 July 2024 

Every nurse is unique, and the contents of their nursing bags can be as varied as their personalities. Some carry make-up, snacks and umbrellas, while others contain only the bare essentials. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the 10 must-have items that modern nurses carry and can't live without.

  1. Stethoscopes for every budget. 

The Dual Head Stethoscope offers great value for money. From the floating diaphragm to the advanced earpieces, this superior stethoscope has been designed for advanced acoustic performance in cardiology, respiratory and vascular applications.

It features a clinical dual head and a brushed stainless-steel high-performance chest piece, which is easy to clean, as well as tuneable diaphragm technology and an anatomically aligned advanced light binaural headset.

  1. Sphygmomanometer

When it comes to a great value blood pressure monitor, it's hard to go past thetraditional Sphygmo. It's solid design yields accurate measurement capabilities and features an adjustable nylon adult cuff (25.4cm to 40.6cm) and latex-free tubing. Available in four fantastic colours, each sphygmomanometer carries a 12-month warranty and comes in a matching nylon carry case.

Our elitecare single hand sphygmomanometer 3 cuff set is also popular for experienced nurses who want a different size cuff. It comes with 3 cuffs (child, adult, large adult).

  1. Neurological penlights & torches

This must-have item is essential for assessing patients' pupils as well as lighting your way in darkened rooms without having to disturb your patients by switching on the light. The neurological penlight comes with a special replaceable, pre-focused LED neurological bulb and pupil gauge with GCS categories. It carries a 12-month warranty, and two AAA batteries are included.

  1. SnapIT Lite

Open ampoules without anxiety using the SnapIT Lite ampoule opener. Made from lightweight plastic, this reusable safety tool allows healthcare professionals to open ampoules quickly and safely.

  1. Quality fob watch with a second hand

The silicone fob watch is one of the most popular nurse watches available. It's colourful, meets infection control standards and is extremely handy for taking pulses and ensuring patient's meds are administered accurately. Plus, it's waterproof so if you accidently put it in the washing machine, it will still work!

  1. Thermometers

The Welcare Digital Thermometer is designed to give reliable and accurate temperature readings. It is water-resistant, readable in ¡C or ¡F and features a 60-second reading time, jumbo screen, fever alarm, last reading memory function, measurement completion alert, automatic shut-off and a flexible tip, making it a must-have for oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurements.

  1. Safety glasses

Safety glasses are essential to protect your eyes from splashes and splinters. The elitecare Safety Glasses are so comfortable you'll barely notice they are there. Plus, they look great.

  1. Dosage and calculation card

You'll never want to be without the eNurse double-sided card. Essential for every nurse or midwife, these cards make it easy to calculate doses, units of measure, equivalences, conversions, mL/hour, DPM and IV rates.

  1. Pocket scissors with clip

One thing you simply cannot live without on the ward is a good quality pair of scissors. Make sure you invest in quality 14 cm stainless steel scissors with safety tips and a clip attachment to stop them falling out of your pockets.

  1. Click Pens

The ICU 4-colour click pen offers blue, black, red and green ink options, making it ideal for critical care observation and documentation.

Bundle and save
These items are in our conveniently bundled in various Equipment Kits and in various colours.

Quality scrubs and shoes
In addition to the must-have equipment listed above, it goes without saying that every nurse needs a good set of Scrubs and good quality footwear to ensure comfort and safety on the job.

We stock a wide range of nursing scrubs and shoes along with exceptional nursing equipment.
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