5 ways to revitalize after a tough shift

5 ways to revitalize after a tough shift

Date Posted:19 June 2023 

  1. Debrief. You might have a mentor or co-worker who can debrief with. Explain your shift, what caused it to be tough and what could have you done differently.  It’s always good to address lessoned learnt and how you can respond to improve a better outcome next time.

  2. Exercise. Scientists are increasingly finding that regular exercise also has an effect on your mental wellbeing as well, with many studies looking at the relationship between physical exertion and mental illness.  Get those endorphins pumping. Exercise stimulates chemicals that improve your mood plus it also has great physical benefits too!

  3. Sleep.  After a taxing shift, sleep can be the best remedy. Forget the washing and housework, you will be more effective if you have a sleep. A restful sleep of 6-8 hours refreshes the mind, repairs the body, boosts the immune system, releases stress and delays the ageing process of the skin as well as mind.

  4. Laughter. We have friends that make us laugh and feel good. Watch a funny movie,  or search YouTube for funny videos.  Laughter Australia have free laughter classes around Australia.  

  5. Healthy Eating.  It’s important to eat healthy, as well as eating ‘mindfully’. This means removing other distractions or waiting until they go away, focusing on just eating and using all your senses to enjoy the food. Eat slowly, thinking about how a food looks, smells, tastes and feels in our mouth. Easier said than done when your working on a busy shift. But what about when you get home? Are you eating quickly in front of the TV or stewing over what went wrong in the shift? Put on relaxing music and enjoy a great meal. Drink plenty of water, and if you want a glass of wine whilst you enjoy your meal, then that’s fine too. You should congratulate yourself for taking positive steps to having a better shift next time!

WeÕve all had those tough shifts where you walk out both mentally and physically exhausted. This is not uncommon for healthcare professionals and here are some tips to help you invigorate your energy and mind.