Christmas in July is cool no matter where you live in Australia. We are not just talking about the temperature!

We like to celebrate all occasions. If you enjoy Christmas in July, here's some great ideas to make your party great.

There are many ways you can give presents. There is Secret Santa, where you pick a person's name out of a hat and you have to buy that person a present. Then there's a game I call Last Elf Standing. There are different names for this game, but the result is the same. Expect some laughs and tears with this one.


Party Game: Last Elf Standing!

Here's a fun game to play with family and friends. I like to call this game, Last Elf Standing! It's fun, interactive and mischievous.



  • Pick a group of friends, and ask them all to bring a plate of food, and a mystery present from each person who attends.

  • The Mystery Present is to be placed in a Santa Bag as they come in.

  • Everyone can dress up in something that is from Christmas: Tinsel, Santa Clause, Elf, SantaÊHats, The Grinch, etc.

  • Make sure you have Christmas Decorations and party music.

  • Xmas punch is always a hit.




What do you do with the mystery present?



  • Place all the presents in the middle of the room.

  • Count the number of people, if there are 20 people write everyone number on a separate piece of paper and place it in a hat (1-20). Ask everyone to pick a number out of a hat.

  • If you are number 1, you get to choose a present from the middle. You might think it's good going first, but in many cases, it's not. The reason being is that Number 2 gets to pick a present from the middle or steel yours!

  • The next person can steel someone's present or take an unopened present from the middle. Make sure if you have a present that you don't want, make it look attractive so someone else picks it.

  • When you get to number 20, they can pick their favourite present, or take the last present in the middle. I always choose take another present as I like to keep the game going.




Ideas for Cooking Christmas Dinner

If you really want to make your dinner special, Jamie Oliver has some fantastic Christmas dishes. Click here for details.



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How to decorate your table?

These pictures will inspire you.

Whatever you choose to do, make it special.
It's always fun to celebrate events with family and friends.