Tax Tips - Part 2

Tax Tips - Part 2

Date Posted:28 May 2024 

Products that you can claim on tax!

Here are some tips for products you can claim on tax. Always seek professional advise as every role can differ.


  1. Your work uniform: Find out your employers dress code policy so you can confirm if you can claim on tax. Scrubs aren't every day wear so it's likely you'll be able to claim on them.
  2. Footwear: Slip Resistant Nurse Shoes that you wear to protect yourself, in many instances can be claimed on tax. Once again, check your employers dress code and if it's not an every day item, you might be able to claim.
  3. Registration fees and memberships that are specific for your work can be claimed.
  4. CPD, conferences and education can definitely be claimed as this is complusary for nurses.
  5. Tool of the trade including stethoscopes, medical and nursing equipment and nursing kits. Check our website for details.
  6. Mobile phone if you are on call, you might be able to claim a percentage of your phone bill.
  7. Renewing your annual registration fee.

By now you should be prepared and hopefully you've started your spreadsheet.
Check off these tips to see if you can add anything.
Then check with the tax office or your accountant.

We hope this article bring more dollars into your pockets, as nurses deserve it!