What not to do after a long night shift

What not to do after a long night shift

There are some things you should do now...but that's for another time, let's talk about what you shouldn't do while you're suffering from sleep exhaustion.



Your sleep deprived mind is in a highly emotional state. Responding to that text from a friend that seems a bit aggressive can be left until the morning, to avoid any unfortunate responses, counter-responses, culminating in a text argument that will take an actual conversation to overcome.



Aside from making you more sensitive than a four-year-old at bathtime, tiredness also fools your brain into thinking it's hungry. Ignore it! Grab a cup of herbal tea and make your way to bed.


Watch TV

There's nothing like the old idiot box to switch your brain off, except then you end up falling asleep on the couch, and then dragging yourself to bed when you wake up at 2 am. This might not seem like a big deal, but low-quality sleep, through lack of R.E.M sleep, will mean you'll feel awful tomorrow.



You're hungry, confused, angry and not as funny as you think you are. I mean at the moment, generally, you're wonderful. At the moment however, don't overestimate your wit and wordsmanship by commenting on the political climate, or suggesting that the protestors on your Facebook feed should 'get a life and go home.'



Remember how sensitive you are? Resist the temptation to react to what you hear as 'rude' or 'passive agressive' comments. In this state, never start conversations with, "What's that supposed to mean?" or, "This is so typical..."


Drink Booze

It might help you feel relaxed, but it will also mess with your sleep. You'll fall asleep faster but won't sleep as deeply - meaning that you'll get less sleep in the same time.


Grab a book, go to bed. Enjoy drifting off into a relaxed sleep - bonus points for blackout blinds and a glass of water beside the bed.

You're so tired that you're patting the dog for three minutes before you realise you don't own a dog and you're rubbing a footstool. You collapse on the couch and do your best to remember your own name; that long shift can be a real struggle.