Essential Aussie Drugs


Introducing the 3rd Edition of "Essential Aussie Drugs: A Little Book of Common Aussie Drug Facts" – an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals

This latest edition is a comprehensive guide that simplifies the complex world of pharmacology, making it an essential tool for anyone involved in drug administration.


Key Highlights of the 3rd Edition:

Extensive Drug Listings: Features over 4000 drug names, meticulously organised alphabetically for easy reference.

Detailed Drug Information: Provides trade and generic names, drug classes, and indications, covering almost any drug you might encounter in practice.

Medical Abbreviations Decoded: Includes definitions of more than 1000 medical abbreviations, enhancing your understanding of medical documentation.

Drug Suffixes Explained: Offers a review of commonly used drug suffixes, aiding in the identification and understanding of drug families.

Mechanisms of Action: Presents a brief yet comprehensive summary of the mechanisms of action for over 60 common drug classes, illustrated in full colour for enhanced comprehension.

New Biologic Drugs Section: Introduces a new segment focusing on biologic drugs, particularly targeting specific chronic conditions, reflecting the latest developments in pharmacotherapy.

Compact and Portable: Dimensions of 74mmW x 148.5mmH x 15mmD, this book is designed for on-the-go reference.



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